7 Effective ways – How To Deal With Depression


Depression is one of the most discussed mood disorder and yet so few truly understand what depression is. Most times people presume it is just a period of incredible sadness that one going through depression can just easily “snap-out of it”, but depression is more than just a feeling of despair or loneliness, it saps the energy of one affected by it, leaving the person devoid of hope and makes it difficult for the person to find ways to deal with depression.

how to deal with depression

Despite the general agreement on what and how depression affects an individual, there are numerous ways to help one effectively deal with depression.

  1. Go for a run – There are happy chemicals that our body releases when we exert effort by means of exercising and one of the easiest ways to have this happen is to go for a run; these so-called happy chemicals are known as endorphins which are neurotransmitters that are known as mood booster,
  1. Listen to music – take note though that one should avoid sad songs and melancholic melodies, instead focus on songs that are upbeat. Also it, wouldn’t hurt if one searched for songs that have inspirational and motivational lyrics. It has been long accepted that music can be used for therapy. Plus, one could listen to music while doing the tip stated above, couple up music with running and watch how fast ones mood is lifted.
  1. Goals –a person suffering from depression may feel worthless and setting goals that are easy to accomplish can lead to a feeling of achievement. Short-term goals that could be done every day, like walking the dog, reading a chapter from a novel and again one could couple it with the tips stated above, specifically setting goals of running a certain distance daily while listening to mood enhancing music. Every week one could set goals of increasing the distance covered by running, further giving the person a sense of achievement and purpose.
  1. Routines – Psychiatrists share a unanimous sentiment for a person dealing with depression to follow a routine. Depression could lead the person to think that one’s life is falling on a downward spiral. A simple enough routine to follow daily could help disperse those thoughts and bring a person a feeling of coherence in one’s life. An easy routine to follow could be incorporating the tips mentioned above, to go for runs daily while listening to music and to set a goal weekly of distance to be covered by running.
  1. Talk – Yes, expressing one’s feeling can do wonders to one’s mood, spirit and soul. But be wary of the person you choose to share one’s feelings with, avoid negative people and instead seek those who will give you their time, and will listen completely, without judgment or hesitation. A guidance counselor, a therapist, a psychiatrist but if those aforementioned seem daunting at first, one could settle with a good trusted friend, after all, most times it’s not the advice nor tips that could help lift one’s mood up, but simply the knowledge and feeling that you are heard.
  1. Support groups – there are countless support groups that provide help for people dealing with depression. Hearing other people talk about their personal experiences about depression will make you realize that you are not alone and it could even provide you with an avenue to reach out a helping hand to another.
  1. Seek medical help – There is no shame in seeking medical attention for one’s depression, in fact it is encouraged. The stigma of being treated as a mental health patient hinders those with depression to seek out professional help. But there is no shame in getting treated; absolutely no shame at all, in fact the first step to restoration is admitting that one needs help.