7 Famous People With Bipolar Disorder


The same way any individual is susceptible to getting sick from physical ailments, individuals are also predisposed to developing mental health disorders. Being an artist, an actor or famous is not an exemption from having bipolar disorder.

Famous people with bipolar disorder

  1. Catherine Zeta Jones – is an actress of Welsh descent she started her acting career at the young age of 12. She has garnered numerous awards for her craft, but In 2011 she personally sought help from a mental-health facility and was diagnosed to have bipolar type II disorder. Instead of taking the news as an obstacle or hindrance, she decided to be a voice regarding the condition hoping to help others to seek help and get treatment.
  2. Demi Lovato – the singer and actress that gained popularity as a Disney star through the years has been surrounded by controversy after controversy. Following a stay in rehab after dealing with depression, cutting and an eating disorder, she was diagnosed in 2010 while receiving treatment that she had bipolar disorder. Since then she has been vocal about how treatment and therapy have helped her cope, understand and deal with the disorder.
  3. Scott Stapp – Rockstar and frontman of the band “Creed” has revealed recently that he was diagnosed to have bipolar disorder. Though it was known in public that he was battling alcohol dependence and drug addiction, it was during his program to deal with the aforementioned cases to help in his sobriety; was wherein he was diagnosed to have bipolar disorder. His wife, Jaclyn Stapp takes it a sign of relief to finally have a name for what her husband is going through.
  4. Vivien Leigh – Famous for her Oscar-winning role in the classic movie “Gone with the wind” and also known for her marriage with fellow actor Laurence Olivier. She was diagnosed to have bipolar disorder, and moments of mania and depression that was deemed unpredictable eventually lead to her downfall, both professionally and personally leading to her failed marriage. It was said that during her time where there were no medications and specialized therapists to deal with the disorder, she was left alone unable to deal with her state in mental health.
  5. Carrie Fisher – An actress who has been immortalized by her role as Princess Leia in the original space opera trilogy “Star Wars”. In part by her troubled childhood, she battled with alcohol and drug addiction. In her 20’s she was mentioned to be hypomanic by her doctor but chose to not believe and ignore the claim. But through time she has accepted her condition which lead her to write best-selling books about living with the disorder.
  6. Jean-Claude Van Damme – Kickboxer, martial artist and action star. Well known as Hollywood tough guy, and action hero in the silver screen, but behind the limelight his personal life was a fight he could not win. 4 times he was divorced; he was addicted to cocaine and had charges of abusing his spouse. After his diagnosis of rapid cycling bipolar disorder, things got into perspective and he even admitted that through medications his life has started to follow a certain order.
  7. Jim Carrey – Funny man, comedy magnate, well-known for his classic quirky antics and wild facial expressions had a trouble childhood and even at the peak of his success as an actor had moments of depression wherein he even admitted that he dose comedies to make people laugh and help those who are suffering from depression to share a little joy and laughter. Specialists have concluded that his depressive episodes are due to bipolar disorder. For a time he was under medication but lately has revealed that through the help of his faith is now of drugs or pills.