Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood


What is the adjustment disorder?

Adjustment disorder is a mental condition that doesn’t last for long, it is that mental break down that people often suffer from when they lose someone dear or break their hearts as it also can be developed by stress… that state of being unable to cope and deal with loss and sadness is what is called adjustment disorder.

Adjustment disorder is also called stress response syndrome.

Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood


What are the symptoms of adjustment disorder?

The symptoms of adjustment disorder are varied and difficult to distinguish as a person is not bound to suffer from all the symptoms at the same time, he might have only some it.

The common symptoms of adjustment disorder are:

• Anxiousness and stress:

People who suffer from adjustment disorder often feel anxious, stressed confused, agitated and sad most of the time.

• Isolation:

They tend to isolate themselves and keep a long distance between them and other people, as they also do their best to not make any contact with anyone.

• Reckless actions:

They feel that their lives have become meaningless, they feel low and worthless; which automatically lead them to become reckless and careless.

These symptoms are just a glimpse of what people who have adjustment depression suffer from.

As you probably might have already noticed, the symptoms of adjustment depression are similar to the regular depression.

Lately, experts have discovered a new mental illness that combines adjustment disorder with depressed mood, which means that their symptoms and effects will be combined as well, this illness last from almost 3 months before it starts to decrease and subdue, but it is really important to be treated once discovered because it leads in so many cases to suicide .

The main causes of adjustment disorder with depression mood:

causes of adjustment disorder

There are four main factors that cause this “combined illness” which are:

• Brain Chemicals:

The brain chemicals that responsible for emotions, thoughts, feelings and actions might become imbalanced, which cause the individual to become confused and unable to maintain one feeling.

• Stress:

Stress is the main trigger for almost every fatal disease, whether it is mental of physical.

• Genetics:

The main factors of many mental illnesses are often genetics, if one person in the family had a history with adjustment disorder and depression, any newborn or in the family after him or her have a chance of almost 30 to 4 % to inherit it.

• Emotional disorder:

Child abuse, moving too often, bullying, family problems, all these factors and more might work as a trigger for this dangerous medical condition as they cause so much stress.

The symptoms of adjustment disorder and depression mood are mainly the same of adjustment disorder except that they are more profound and painful as well as dangerous.
The people who suffer from it will feel:

1. Sadder and gloomier
2. Problems in getting proper sleep
3. Loss of concentration and interest


Once you notice these symptoms and signs on anyone even yourself, it is necessary that consult an expert or doctor right away, who will probably describe you some medicines and start a therapy.

The therapy is so varied and very helpful as it helps you overcome your fear and get back your strength as well as the ability to face and eliminate your weakness. Therapy offers you the ability to

1. Join groups and be treated with people, who suffer from the same problem as you.
2. Be treated in the presence of your family whom will offer grace you with their support and help you get better.
3. Many people don’t feel comfortable in sharing their thoughts and fears with and in front of other, so there is always a safe choice which is to consult and psychiatrist who can always help you without you having to confront anyone.

The most efficient and less damaging treatment for every mental illness is preventing it from happening. If you want to stay safe and away from any mental illness’ way try as much as you can to avoid anything that will cause you to stress, stay close to your friends and your family, be hopeful and have a strong self-confidence.

It is also important to pay attention to yourself and the people who surround you as well, they are many people who are silently seeking and screaming for help, praying that someone will pay attention to them because they can’t admit their weakness and desperate need for help.