Causes Of Hearing Voices In Your Head – Schizophrenia


One of the common conditions that nowadays so many people suffer from is hearing voices inside their heads without knowing to whom it belongs to. We all speak in our own heads, but this symptom is different and only the people who suffer from it know how it really feels. Imagine someone speaking in your head admiring or criticizing you, someone who you can talk back to and even start a conversation with.

Hearing voices in your head

Hearing voices in your head is one of the most dangerous mental conditions that threaten to consume and kill its victim; you might know it as Schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia is a tricky and dangerous mental illness that many people are not aware of. The majority of people think that if you suffer from schizophrenia, you will be hearing voices in your head that constantly criticize and abuse verbally you; which is not completely true.

The voices or voice that you hear in you head might either criticize you or actually encourage you and be there for you, but in both condition you are suffering from schizophrenia. In addition to that, schizophrenia is not only about hearing voices in your head, its victim might start seeing unrealistic things that don’t exist.

What makes this malignant mental illness dangerous is that it is hard to diagnose and treat as well. Doctors can’t get in your head to know how exactly you are thinking, or from where these voices in your head have came from, not to mention that mental illnesses are hard to treat.

Thanks to the huge development that the medical field in the last century, experts have managed to detect the cause of this illness and find some ways to prevent it and treat it as well.

Hearing Voices In Head

1.The causes of Schizophrenia:

  • Genes and Brain:

Experts believe that there is an important gene in our brains that is responsible for producing some essential brain chemicals stops functioning; which reflects badly on the responsible part of our brain for developing high functioning skills.

However, so far nobody managed to determine if there is a specific gene that is responsible for this illness.

  • Triggering Schizophrenia:

Without even knowing, many people and youngsters especially are triggering and stimulating schizophrenia without even being aware of what they are doing to themselves by:

  1. Drugs:

The latest research have shown that people who use drugs are likely to suffer from schizophrenia sometimes in their life, especially youngster from 15 years old whom bound to suffer from it by the age 26 or sometimes in their late 20s.

  1. Stress:

Experts have discovered that stress is also one of the main reasons that trigger schizophrenia, especially people who are already vulnerable to it.

  • Inheritance:

The ability to inherit your mom’s wonderful blue eyes or you uncle’s silky black hair is wonderful, but unfortunately nothing is perfect. If someone your family is suffering from schizophrenia then there is a chance that you might inherited as well.

2.Treatment and Prevention of Schizophrenia:

There are so many ways of treating schizophrenia that varies from medication and psychological therapy.

  • Medication:

Nowadays so many experts in this field use medication to treat this mental illness; which is called antipsychotic medication such as:

  1. Haloperidol
  2. Olanzapine
  3. Ziprasidone
  4. Paliperidone

Although these medications can treat schizophrenia, but they also have some side effect such as dizziness, blurred vision, skin rash…. and other symptoms.


In addition to the antipsychotic medication, there are the psychological therapies that proven to be very helpful such as:

  • Psychological Treatment:

In this treatment, patients learn how to deal with their problems, how to socialize again and take care of themselves besides medication to prevent them from being lonely all the time.

  • Family Awareness:

Family plays a huge role in people’s life who suffer from schizophrenia because it is one of the main keys that helps the patients to respond and maintain their medication and therapy. That is why it is very important to educate them and help them know almost everything about this mental illness; which help them cope and know how to deal with the patient to encourage and help him or her recover quickly.

In addition to these therapies there is:

  • Cognitive behavior therapy
  • Self-help group
  • Rehabilitation
  • Illness management

With all these explanations and triggers, nobody had ever managed yet to detect what is the main reason the causes of this mental illness. Although many experts are trying night and day to figure out this confusing riddle, but the chances of finding the an answer are very low; because this illness is one of kind that leaves everyone hungry for the answer, but only the person that suffer from it knows what is really going on in his head.