How to Cure Depression – Natural cures for depression


Depression is a medical condition that causes the individual to maintain a gloomy and sad mood that last for more than few days.

This mental illness might be caused by:

• Genetics:

Like many diseases, depression can be passed through generations by genetics.

• Stress:

Stress brings out the worst in us and depression is not an exception, as it works as its main trigger.

• Alcohol and drug abuse:

Even with small quantities, alcohol and drugs are a slow death; you might not notice their effects on you at the beginning, but you will after a period of time.

• Personal problems:

Many people become depressed due to some personal problems such as heartbreak, failing, family problems…
It is really important to develop a strong personality and a self-confidence if you want to save the trouble of suffering from depression, so that you don’t give up every time you face a problem.

How to Cure Depression

How to cure depression?

Once you discover that someone or you are suffering from depression, it is necessary to consult a doctor or an expert right away without any hesitation.

Like many mental diseases, depression might become severe and serious as it can lead to suicide if it was not treated in its first stages.

When it comes to the cure of depression, there is two main types of medical treatment that experts and doctors usually recommend according to the stage of depression.

The first type of treatment is taking medications such as:

• Desvenlafaxine:

This medication is used to improve the sad and gloomy mood as well as helps the individuals regain their balance and energy.
However, it also has some side effects such as drowsiness, weight loss, nausea, dizziness and loss of appetite…

• Duloxetine:

This medication also improves the mood as well as treats the ache and pain that might be caused by depression; not to mention that it also helps you regain your appetite and sleep properly.
Some of it sides effects are: tiredness, sweating, drowsiness…

• Lexapro Oral:

This drug is known for its ability to decrease nervousness and restore energy, as it also cures anxiety and depression.
Some of its side effects are dry mouth, dizziness, drowsiness, constipation, trouble in sleeping well…

• Prozac:

This is one of the best medications as it has many benefits such as treating depression, panic attacks and improves sleep, eating habits and mood…
Some of its side effects are: Nausea, yawning, sweating, tiredness, loss of appetite, anxiety…

• Effexor XR:

This drug is also one of the best as it treats depression, social phobia, anxiety, panic attacks and improves the mood and helps the brain restore its natural substances.
Some of its side effects are blurry vision, drowsiness, dry mouth, sweating, nervousness…

• Zoloft:

This medication is used to cure depression, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and social phobia, panic attacks and several other illnesses.
Some of its side effects are stomach ache, diarrhea, trouble in sleeping properly, dry mouth, occasional sweating, dizziness.

These drugs are some of the best treatment for depression, but it necessary to not use any of them. It is up for your doctor to decide; because like any other illness, depression goes through several stages and only you doctor can point you the right drug that won’t affect you badly or make your situation worse.

The second treatment for depression is therapy can be divided into 4 types:


Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy is based on practicing mindfulness meditation with a group of people. This therapy helps you understand yourself and see your life from a different perspective, it also prepare you to recognize depression in its first stages and be prepared for it.

• IPT:

This type of therapy shed the light on you personal problems and how you deal with it, as it also helps you improve your personality and become stronger to cope and deal with your personal problems without allowing yourself to become one of depression’s victims.

• BT:

Behavior therapy encourages and helps you seek and find pleasure in different activities and practices. This therapy takes off your mind of the grief and sadness by showing you that life is beautiful and short to waste in a moment of weakness.

• CBT:

Cognitive behavior therapy is one of the most efficient treatments of depression that eliminates it from the roots.
In this therapy, you get to work with a therapist to discover the thoughts, feelings and memories that represent the main source of your depression. You become able to study those factors and instead of allowing them to depress you, you learn to turn their negative power into a positive one.

Natural cures for depression

Natural cures for depression

In addition to using medications and therapies to cure depression, many people are not aware that there are some simple natural cures for depression that you can do easily alone without needing anyone.

Some of the common and efficient natural cures for depression are:

• Eat healthy:

Follow a healthy diet that balances between veggies and meats without allowing anyone of them to exceed the other. Include in your everyday meals omega 3, healthy oils and protein.

• Exercise:

Try to exercise regularly and you will see how your mood will be much more peaceful and lighter.

• Avoid coffee and replace it by green tea:

Coffee might include some very helpful benefits but when it comes to depression, it is the worst combination as it will only boost your sad and gloomy mood more than it already is.

You can always replace coffee with green tea if you are depressed, because it will help you clear, relax your mind and decrease your stress.

Using therapy or natural treatment for curing depression are the best and healthier choices, because they cure you and improve your personality at the same time without any side effects. Not to mention that they also ready you and help you cope with your problems in a smarter and healthier way that prevent you from falling in the arms of depression once again.