Myths and Facts about Bipolar Disorder


Facts about Bipolar Disorder

Myth 1:

Bipolar Mood Disorder (BMD) is a single noticeable disorder.

Fact: BMD is usually a diagnostic category and it describes a group of mood disorders in which an individual goes through episodes of an elevated mood (Mania) and a state of sadness (Depression) or even mixed states (where symptoms of depression, as well as mania, occur altogether). An individual can be free of important symptoms in these episodes.   

Myth 2:

Experts can’t diagnose bipolar disorder as early as any bodily illnesses.  

Fact: While there’re no any physical tests that could reveal this disorder, any diagnosis of bipolar disorder depends on standard criteria. The perfect diagnosis of bipolar is usually conducted by utilizing some tools, psychiatric laboratory tests, self-reported symptoms, input from family or friends, observable behavior, and particular psychiatric rating scales.  

Myth 3:

It is usually not possible to help somebody with bipolar disorder.

Fact: We can effectively treat and manage such disorder. As we know, around 50% of patients with bipolar disorder can expect a huge reduction in their symptoms, and more than 40% of patients could expect complete recovery from this serious disorder. During different periods of life, people could go into remissions. Successful management relies on some factors, such as education about the specific illness, a very good support system, communication and consultancy with professionals, as well as adhering to the treatment plan.

Myth 4:

Bipolar disorder is nothing but a figment of somebody’s imagination. 

Fact:  It is a brain disorder that can be treated, and it is real. This disorder can cause lots of sufferings, especially when this is not well managed. People with this disorder can’t get rid of it very quickly. Someone with this disorder must need times and care to recover. 

Myth 5:

People with bipolar disorder can’t work.

Fact: More than 75% of patients with bipolar can work and be successful if they get excellent support and accurate medical treatment.  

Myth 6:

A personal weakness or a character flaw can cause bipolar disorder.

Fact: Bipolar Mood Disorder (BMD) is a medical condition as diabetes or other health conditions are. People suffering from this disorder can’t pull themselves together. Treatment is mandatory for them to get better. 

Myth 7:

Children don’t suffer from bipolar disorder.

Fact: Bipolar disorder can be found in a child even of 6 years old. If parents go through this severe mood disorder, there is much more possibility for their children to suffer from it. Children usually have quick mood swings between mania and depression many times throughout the day whilst matures are likely to face intense moods for several weeks, or even for several months at a time. 

 Myth 8:

In case someone has bipolar disorder, he/ she is always crazy. 

Fact: It could be characterized by episodes of lows and highs. In lots of people, such episodes are divided by epochs of stability. Persons might go for weeks, months, or even years with no episodes at all.

Myth 9:

We can keep bipolar disorder under control, and we can stop taking medications once.

Fact: People with bipolar disorder should continue taking meds, even in case they’re symptom-free. Meds can act in one of the most preventative ways, helping persons to shun relapses. Patients having this disorder should meet and consult their doctors before they stop taking their meds.

Myth 10:

Drug and alcohol addiction can trigger bipolar disorder.

Fact: Alcohol or drugs don’t cause this disorder, but people suffering from bipolar disorder are very likely to take drugs or alcohol. Patients of bipolar disorder use alcohol or drugs to feel better or to get rid of their problems.