Symptoms of Bipolar and Depression are Different or Similar?


What is Bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a mental disease that affects all people with different ages and can be fatal if not treated. It is also called brain disorder as cause severe mood swings, behavioral changes and many other symptoms that might lead to the person’s death.

In many cases, the bipolar disorder might either be inherited or acquired.

What is Depression?

Many people think that depression is simply a bad and gloomy mood that will pass with time or a laziness and weakness that we suffer from in case we were incredibly tired.

When you look at the depression from a medical point of view, you will realize that depression is actually a serious medical that might last for years if not treated.

This malignant disease destroys you from the inside, by interfering with you ability and desire to study, work or even have fun. Imagine having a gloomy mood and sadness in your heart that refuses to go away no matter what you do.

Symptoms of depression are dangerous and severe, as it is just like the bipolar disorder might lead to suicide.

Bipolar Symptoms in Women:

Bipolar Symptoms in Women

Many of you might not know it, but the symptoms of the bipolar disorder differ from men to women as they have different symptoms.

The usual bipolar symptoms in women are:

• Severe mood swing:

At times, they are extremely happy and other they are so sad or angry without any reason.

• Talking fast:

In this case, you will notice that they talk faster than usual; sometimes you will not even understand what they are saying.

• Risky and adventurous:

They become adventurous and want to do anything that is dangerous.

• Insomnia or decreasing in sleep:

You will notice that they started sleeping for long hours; more than they are used to. They even might sleep for 12 h or more without feeling tired, or they will suffer from insomnia; which means they will have some troubles in sleeping probably. This might lead them to take pills to sleep.

• Loss or Putting on weight:

They either start eating too much or neglect their food and nutrition.

• Loss or excess of interest:

No matter how they love practicing a sport, watching movies, traveling… they lose their interest in every activity and hobby and prefer to do nothing instead.

Sometimes they might show a huge interest in something and start using it excessively in order to cause pain, which they consider as a pleasure.

• Thought of the underworld and death:

You’ll find them often sketching, drawing or writing about death and suicide, as they also start talking about lot.
If not treated they might suicide.

Bipolar Symptoms in men:

Bipolar Symptoms in men

Bipolar symptoms in men are similar to the bipolar symptoms in women except for some slight changes such as:

• Drug abuse and alcohol:

In many studies and experiments, men have shown to use more drugs and alcohol when they are suffering from bipolar disorder, as they also tend to be more abusive.

Bipolar symptoms in men have proved to be more severe as they tend to be more lonely and secretive.
Alcohol, drugs, and abusive treatment are their only way to express their feeling and try to relieve the pain and confusion.

After so many experiments and studies, experts discovered that bipolar disorder might be more dangerous for men than women; because they tend to be more enclosed on their selves and don’t dare to ask for help unlike women.

Depression symptoms in women:

Depression symptoms in women

Depression symptoms are similar to bipolar disorder, but it is actually less dangerous but has the same bad impact on the individual and his or her life.

Unlike men with bipolar disorder, women actually are more vulnerable to suffer from depression; because they are more sensitive and emotional which leaves them stressed most of the time. The cause of depression symptoms in women might also be due to some genetic or biological factors.

Some f these symptoms are:

1. Anxiousness, feeling of emptiness and loneliness.
2. Crying excessively without any valid reason.
3. Gaining of losing weight.
4. The gloomy mood with thoughts of death and suicide.
5. Excessive loss of energy which results in becoming tired most of the time.
6. Sleeping too much or suffering from insomnia.
7. Loss of interest in everything and loss of concentration as well.

Depression symptoms in men:

Depression symptoms in men

Just like in bipolar disorder, depression symptoms in men are similar but they are different.

Some of these symptoms are:

1. The decrease in their sexual performance.
2. Sad and gloomy mood.
3. The loss of weight or gaining it.
4. Loss of interest in activities and hobbies.
5. Insomnia or excess sleep.
6. Thoughts of suicide.
7. Cramps and aches.

Bipolar disorder and depression have many similar symptoms such as:

• Insomnia or excessive sleep
• Loss or gaining weight
• Loss of interest in all that they used to love
• Dark thoughts about death and suicide

These similarities make it hard to distinguish and tell if the person is suffering from bipolar disorder or depression; which leaves many people with the wrong idea that bipolar disorder is depression.

Though there are some similarities between these two malignant diseases, but the difference between them is huge; because there are many signs people fail to notice.

The difference between Bipolar Disorder and Depression:

Symptoms of Bipolar and Depression are Different or Similar

The big difference that can be clearly noticed is that when it comes to depression, people who suffer from it have one dominant mood which is sadness.

Depressed people tend to feel:

• Anxious
• Confused
• Irritated
• Feeling of loneliness
• Feeling worthless

Unlike depression, people who suffer from bipolar disorder doesn’t have one dominant mood, instead they brain start jumping from a mood into another without any reason. They can be so happy and excited for nothing then turn to become sad and confused in a matter of minutes if not seconds.

These severe mood swings make them look unstable and utterly confused as they don’t have any idea of what is happening to them.

Another thing that is different is that people who suffer from bipolar disorder tends to inflict pain on their selves; because it becomes their new source of pleasure. In other words, they may become sadists.
Bipolar disorder and depression are two similar but not identical dangerous mental illness that anyone might suffer from it either by inheriting or acquiring it.

The causes of these diseases are lot, but the main cause is stress. If you want a happy, long and healthy life; stay away from stress’s way because it is the trigger to not only bipolar disorder and depression but many other mental and physical fatal diseases as well.

Once discovered, bipolar disorder and depression can be treated; that is why it is really important that every individual must pay attention to himself and the people that surround him as well and in case you notice any simple sign or symptom of these illnesses on anyone; especially if you have someone in the family who has a history with one of them, don’t hesitate to talk to him and take him to a doctor or an expert right away to be treated as soon as possible.

Many people are not aware of it, but depression and bipolar disorder can lead the person to suicide if not treated.
By one simply paying attention, you may save man lives from the claws of death and many futures from destructions without even realizing it.