The Answer Of “Do I Have Depression?”


Depression is a feeling of loneliness and sadness that overcomes a certain person due to some personal circumstances. Many people, once they feel sad and gloomy, think that they are suffering from depression, not knowing that if it is true or not.

To help you make sure whether you are suffering from depression indeed or not, here are the common symptoms of depression. If these symptoms or some of it apply to you, then are suffering from depression.

Know About Do I Have Depression

If you want to know Do I Have Depression, You can know by these symptoms:

• Sad and gloomy:
Do you feel sad most if not all the time, especially in the morning? There is nothing that makes you sad, but you always want to cry.

• Short Tempered:
You are mad most of the time, but the problem is that you have no idea why you are angry. You always snap at people who try to approach you and talk to you about what is happening with you.

• Craving Loneliness:
You might be surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of people, but you still feel so lonely. The problem is that even though you people try to talk to you and be with you, you refuse to talk to them or your answer with short sentences to end up the conversation and go back to your state of loneliness as soon as you can.

• Lack of Concentration:
You are trying to manage several tasks at the same time, even though you are used to them; you don’t know what you are doing anymore and you can’t take a decision no matter how simple it is.

• Low Self Esteem:
You hate yourself; you don’t even know why you are born. You think that everybody was born for a purpose, but you are aimless. You feel that during whole life nobody actually loved you, you were always a replacement; only wanted to fill the blank spaces to only get what they want, and then they will simply leave.

• Lack of Pleasure and Interest:
The things that used t bring so much pleasure such as hobbies, activities, and sex are not giving you the slightest pleasure anymore. You don’t like your favorite show, food or even friends. You can’t get yourself to enjoy anything.

• Lack or Gaining Appetite:
You don’t feel hungry anymore; you can’t bring yourself to eat anything anymore no matter how much you used to love it.
Or, you can’t stop eating anymore, you might not feel hungry but all what you want to do is to keep eating most of the time.

• Always Aching:
You are unusually suffering from cramps, backaches, headaches and stomachaches.

• Dark Thought:
You can’t stop yourself from thinking about death and how it is the only way to ease your mind and put you out of your misery. You think by suicide, all your problems will be solved and your will go to a better place that is full of happiness.

• Gloomy for a Long Time:
The difference about sadness and depression is that when you are sad, you can simply regain your happiness by doing something that amuses you. You have been sad and gloomy for several days and you still can’t recover from this dark mood.

If you are suffering from these symptoms or some of them, then you have to give yourself a chance to check a doctor or an expert; in order to prevent this mental illness from developing any further.

Do I Have Depression

In order to prevent yourself from falling in the arms of the depression, you can save yourself from it by following these tips:

1. Exercising:
Exercising is a great way to get rid of depression since our bodies generate the adrenalin that is responsible for making us happy and cheerful.
Try to exercise as much as you can, because this is the best way to stay away from depression’s way.

2. Write your Diaries:
Always keep a diary beside you, whenever you feel sad or gloomy write in it whatever you want. It will help you get rid of all of what makes you sad and helps cheer up and forget about all your bad memories. Once you are done with it, throw it away and like that you will be throwing away with all your sad moments.

3. Yoga and Meditation:
Many researches have shown that yoga and meditation help you get rid of the stress, which is one of the main reasons that cause depression.