What are The Side Effects of Depression?


A lot of us encounter people who are suffering from depression on a daily basis and yet, we don’t really notice it. Those that do not have a background on the disorder or on psychology as a whole may not be able to determine what a depressed person is like. This makes it difficult to treat your friends, family or colleagues who suffer it.

I personally have come across a lot of acquaintances who are suffering from chronic depression and it really pays to know its side effects. Knowing such side effects is a lot more useful sometimes than barely knowing the symptoms of depression because symptoms can be confusing most especially if you don’t have a license to diagnose. So let me help you out with how you can determine if someone around you needs to seek professional help.

Side Effects of Depression


SECRETIVE SUBSTANCE ABUSE – When depression is not treated, people who suffer from it secretly use substances so they can get the feeling of happiness or at least be able to get through the day. This is a big problem especially if depressed people start to become alcohol dependent or substance dependent. At first, they sneak in a drink or two at night until one day they cannot function without alcohol or drugs anymore.

MEMORY LOSS – Most psychiatrists would tell you that depressed people who suffer memory loss are usually unexplained. But most likely, it’s because of the fact that they are too preoccupied with their feelings of depression that they are unable to remember tasks, dates and what-not’s.

CHANGE IN SLEEP PATTERNS – Did you know that there are also sleep disorders brought about by psychological difficulties? In light with our topic on hand, change in sleep patterns is a huge side effect of clinical depression. In the job that I am in, I can’t help but mingle with different kinds of people in different kinds of settings. I know people who have sleep disorders and I can tell if these people are just affected by their depression.

Sometimes, the change in sleep patterns may be a lack of sleep while others experience excessive energy loss and seek to sleep most of the time. Because of this, people who are depressed often experience lack of energy.

I remember one time, I had a project proposal scheduled to be presented in New York. I stayed there for a month and worked with the New York Team. While I was there, I met a girl who was obviously suffering depression. Everyone was bringing out input every now and then, but she was, most of the time, very unproductive. Because of this, she is often left out. Sometimes I feel like during meetings her brain travels to places and she is terribly unable to concentrate.

I’m pretty sure you’ve met people who become unproductive and unable to concentrate because of lack of sleep. You might want to consider depression as the reason.

SELF-PITY – Self-pity won’t usually appear as a symptom of depression, but it is a very obvious side effect. By definition, self-pity is a psychological state of mind wherein and individual has trouble coping with a situation because of loss of confidence. I’m also 100% sure that you have encountered people like them before. Usually, these are the people who believe that they are the victims of unfortunate events, often times, irritatingly.

As you can see, there are many side effects of depression. They may not seem like a big deal but if you see these effects happening too often, you should definitely consider talking to the person exuding it so they can seek the proper medical attention.