What are The Signs of Depression?


There is never a perfect life. No one is perfectly happy all the time. We often go through times when we feel down. We often experience “the blues”. However, for some people, “the blues” may be happening too often. This is what we call depression.

By definition, depression is the sadness in mood that happens too often that they feel like they are living a life of impending doom. Sounds harsh? Well, it is harsh. That’s why we should all take depression seriously.

The main reason why depression is such an issue because of the fact that it can impede a person from living his life normally. The condition interferes with work, study, sleep and even personal and social relationships. Depression can really do its damage if not properly dealt with.

If you notice a friend who has been feeling sad or low for a long period of time already, write down in a checklist the following signs of depression and see if it fits. If you see more than 70% of the signs, then you should definitely advise medical or psychological attention.

What are The Signs of Depression


  • Loss of Interest in Daily Activities – we all live our lives in a hope of improving ourselves. But for the depressed, this maybe a bit too much so they lack interest in their usual interests and they feel like life will never get better. They don’t exert that much effort in work and relationships anymore. Often times, even their libido is affected.
  • Temper Problems – a short fuse is an easy sign of depression. The depressed rarely have the patience to deal with anything. In fact, there was a study conducted in 2013 that 54% of people who have depression easily get grumpy, irritated or frustrated.
  • Apathy – sometimes, depression can be sadness. But sometimes, depression can also be apathy or a feeling of being neutral and numb. This results to not wanting to socialize or work anymore. It’s very disabling.
  • Daydreaming Galore – it’s a very common sign to have your head in the clouds. If you excessively daydream, this means that you want to detach yourself from reality and want to create the world where you are not depressed. If this sounds familiar, then you’ve probably been depressed in the past.
  • Bad Decision Making – it’s common knowledge that 70% of our decisions are made easily. We don’t really need to contemplate too much about what we’re going to wear, what we’re going to eat and the like. However, when it comes to depressed people, there is a turning point wherein normal decisions become weighty all of a sudden.
  • Appetite Changes – it’s either you gain weight or lose weight fat. Those who find comfort in food will gain and those who can’t eat properly will lose it. At this point, you can already see that depression can be detrimental to the health.
  • Impulsiveness – extreme sadness can lead to reckless behavior that is brought about by impulsiveness. Sometimes this can be as simple as buying something you don’t really need but it could be as worse as being as a shopaholic.
  • Self-loathing – if you hate yourself to the point where there’s really no reason of hating yourself, then there is a clear problem at hand. Usually, this self-loathing attitude comes from unreasonable judgments against oneself.

Never overlook these signs. Depression is a major risk for suicide and more and more people are taking their own lives because they want to escape the pain of the disorder. It’s the sad reality, but there’s still a lot to be done about it.