What are The Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder?


Bipolar disorder is one of the most dangerous diseases on the earth, it might seem to many people just another mental condition that is easy to cure but if not diagnosed early this illness turn into fatal disease.

The best cure for any disease is being diagnosed in its first stages before it causes any damage, and bipolar disorder is not an exception. A person who suffers from this disease is not only fighting a simple mental illness he is fighting for his life, he is fighting to stay sane.

Detecting the symptoms of bipolar disorder is not an easy thing to do, but by simply paying attention to the people who surround you; you can save so many lives without even realizing it.

What are the Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

The symptoms that appear on people who suffer from bipolar disorder whether they are young or grown up are:

  • Mood Swings:

People who suffer from this illness start having mood swings, one time they are cheerful and happy, then in the small amount of time they become gloomy, sad and depressed. You might find them crying for no reason, they become broken, empty and hopeless as well.

  • Loss of Energy:

They can spend the whole day in bed without lifting a finger, but they still feel tired without any ounce of energy. The fatigue that overwhelm them, make them unable to proceed with their daily routines.

  • Tiring Feelings:

They often feel restless, guilty and unworthy. They feel like just an addition and burden on their families or the people who are close from them; they feel unloved and rejected by the world.

These feelings make them feel like there is a huge weight on their shoulders, that cause them to be tired all day without being able to do anything.

  • Hallucinations:

They start imagining that they see or hear things that have nothing to do with reality; which cause them to always be on edge waiting for something bad to happen at any time.

  • Excessive or Restless Sleep:

Their sleeping habits change completely, they either start sleeping lot without even feeling tired or the desire to sleep or they suffer from insomnia; which means they have problems in sleeping they can stay awake for more than 24 h without wanting to sleep.

  • Fast Speech:

They start talking fast because their minds are full and that is the only way for them to relieve their mind of the amount of information that they want to say in attempt to find some peace and relax without having to think lot.

Their minds become like a full and heavy bucket that they are not able to carry anymore; they only want to empty it so they won’t have to keep carrying it with them.

  • Problems in Focusing and Paying Attention:

In work, at school or in their everyday routine, they have trouble in paying attention to what they are doing; which leads them to make a lot of mistakes the thing that destroy their career.

  • Consuming Alcohol and Drugs:

Because of their unbearable condition, they start seeking anything that might help them relieve their pain and improve their mood. That’s when they start consuming drugs and alcohol in a hopeless attempt of them to improve their mood and life.

  • Thoughts of Death and Suicide:

Their thoughts become darker each day, they often start with writing about death or sketching dark black images with skulls and death symbols; as they also start wearing black clothes more often. With the development of this chronic illness, you can notice that they start talking a lot about death and after world.

  • Loneliness:

You will notice that they prefer to be alone most of the time, they abandon their families and friends as well, no matter how much they love them. They stay days without speaking to anyone, not to mention that even if you tried to talk to them; they would answer with single words or short sentences to stop you from talking to them any further.

The Symptoms of Bipolar


Everybody must know about this illness because it might cause the death of many people, destroy the future of many youngsters and separate many families as well.

If you had the chance to read this article and know about this malignant disease, don’t hesitate to spread the word and tell as many people as you can about it  By doing this simple act, you will help and save so many lives without even knowing it.