What is Manic Depression? (Manic Depressive Disorder)


Manic depression (manic depressive disorder) or as it also known bipolar disorder is a serious medical condition that affects the person who suffers from it physically, mentally and socially. This mental illness is known for its severe and dangerous mood swings, distress, anxiousness and confusion in addition to many other symptoms.

This illness is fatal and should be treated right away after discovering it otherwise it can lead to suicide and the destruction of the individual’s future as well. Manic depression doesn’t select a specific age; on the contrary, it can affect anyone, especially teens and people in their fourteens because they are more vulnerable to stress.

What is Manic Depression (Manic Depressive Disorder)

What are the causes of manic depression?

After so many years of researches, unfortunately until now the main causes of manic depression are somewhat vague and unknown. The only available assumption is that triggered by stress, because in many cases manic depression is inherited not acquired or developed.

What are the symptoms and signs of manic depression?

The symptoms and signs of manic depression are almost the same. Some of these symptoms and signs are:

• Severe mood disorder:

The main symptom of manic depression is suffering from severe mood disorder, which means that people who suffer from it might look extremely happy and excited then turn to being so sad in a record time without any explanation or reason for this change.

The brain becomes unstable as the chemicals that are responsible for our emotions, thoughts and feelings become unbalanced; which consequently affect our mood and make us unable to maintain one feeling or mood.

In other words, those chemicals that are responsible for making us happy, sad, confused, anxious stops functioning as they should so they start throwing us in a rollercoaster of emotions, moods, and feelings.

• Talking faster and louder:

As a consequence of the severe mood swings, the brain starts thinking a lot as it feels like a heavy bucket full of water; the only way to empty it is by talking and saying anything.

People with manic depression start talking faster than usual even though what they are saying might not make sense to listeners who will definitely have problem in hearing and understanding them properly, to them every word they makes sense; which automatically leads them to think that they are lonely and no one can understand them.

• Insomnia or excess in sleep:

You will notice in people who suffer from manic depression that they suffer from insomnia which means lack of sleep, they can stay awake for more than 24 h without feeling the need or the urge to sleep.

You will notice instead of insomnia that they started sleeping lot without even doing anything or feeling tired, whenever they got the chance they won’t hesitate to sleep.

• Low self-esteem and isolation:

People who suffer from this medical illness start thinking so low of them and lose their self-confidence completely. They feel that they are nothing, without any goal or aim in life; their existence is just a mistake. That is why they tend to stay alone and isolate themselves from the community, they think that people are lying and pitying them.

• Loss of interest in activities and hobbies:

They lose interest in all the activities and hobbies no matter how they used to love it including sex, or they might feel so risky and adventurous; which leads them to start doing and practicing things until it cause them pain. This pain is there is their only source of pleasure.

• Lack of concentration:

They lose their concentration in everything and become easily distracted by the simplest things; which cause them also to become easily irritated and agitated as well.

This loss of concentration have a huge negative impact on their lives as they can’t concentrate anymore in their daily tasks, schools and even work; which will definitely might even destroy their future once and for all.

• Putting or losing weight:

You will notice a sudden change in their weight as they will either start eating too much or neglecting food.

In either case, gaining or losing weight will does not only affect the appearance of the body but it also causes many other chronic diseases such as blood pressure and diabetes.

• Hallucinating:

Unfortunately, one of the worst symptoms of manic depression is that it can make whoever suffer from it hallucinate; which means seeing and hearing things that don’t exist.

People of have this mental illness might start seeing imaginary people and imagine also dialogues between them and other people; the thing that affect their sanity and combine their reality with imagination.

In addition to that they might also start hearing voices talking in their heads without knowing its source, which leaves them confused and unable to separate their hallucination from reality.

• Gloomy mood and dark thoughts:

The intensity of the pain that manic depression causes leads to people who suffer from it to think about death and suicide. They feel like they trapped and tortured in a cage without anything to sooth their pain.

Death and suicide to them are their only salvation and escape that will finally grant them the peace that they always dreamed off.

Manic depression is a serious and one of the most dangerous mental illnesses in the whole world, as it affects all whoever suffer from it on all levels. Not to mention that it also can trigger some dangerous and fatal diseases such as diabetes, obesity, blood pressure… not to mention that if not treated once it discovered manic depression can and will lead to suicide.

Fortunately, there is a treatment and many medications that can treat manic depression once and for all, so it is a necessity that each individual must a pay attention to him or herself and the people around them as well because you will never know when or who manic depression will choose to destroy and might as well kill.